Scripture Studies

*Note: All scripture studies below are written by me, Adam Drissel, unless otherwise noted.*

 Messianic Studies
  • The Suffering Messiah and the New Covenant in His Blood - Did the Jews of the past reject the idea of a Suffering Messiah? This study investigates the historical writings of the Jews to determine whether the current Jewish belief that there would be no Suffering Messiah is indeed valid.
  • And the Word was God? - This study carefully evaluates John 1 and its misuse as a proof text for the deity and/or pre-existence of Yeshua. The Greek texts in question are closely examined and the truth about how the word of יהוה can become flesh apart from mystery and mysticism is revealed.
  • The Sign of Jonah - Yeshua promised one sign to the wicked and adulterous generation that he was sent to. Most believers are well aware of one of the aspects of the sign - the fact that Yeshua would be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights. But, many do not go much further to see just how significant and multi-faceted the sign of Jonah really is.

 Torah Studies
  • The Ten Commandments? - Virtually all followers of Yeshua the Messiah, including those in traditional Christianity will agree that we need to obey what are commonly called the "Ten Commandments." Regardless of whether they obey the fourth commandment or not most will admit this fact. But are the "Ten Commandments" really what we think they are?

 Name Studies
  • The Messiah's Name - What is the true name of the Messiah? It is Yahshua? Is it Yahushua? Is it Jesus? This study examines the scriptural evidence we have available to us today to establish the truth.
  • The Pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton: Piecing Together the Evidence - Take your pick: Yehovah, Yehowah, Yahwah, Yehooah, Yahuwah, Yahuah, Yahweh. Each of them are used by various believers around the world for the Father's Name. With so many choices, so many different opinions, so much division, and so much hostility, how can we ever know the truth? This study takes us through the textual, linguistic, and historical evidence that may very well point to the most correct pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton.

 Apocalyptic Studies
  • The Abominations of Desolation - Most students of the scriptures today see the phrase "abomination of desolation" as a yet future apocalyptic event. But, is this accurate? This study delves deep into ancient history to determine where and when these abominations occurred.

 Holy Day Studies
  • Feast of Unleavened Bread - Does "Unleavened" mean we have to throw yeast away? This study delves into the topic of what is considered "leaven" in the scriptures. Knowing exactly what "leaven" is helps us to determine exactly what we must remove from our homes during this feast.
  • What is a Holy Convocation? - This short study examines the scope, meaning, and use of the phrase "holy convocation" as it refers to the weekly Sabbaths and annual holy days. Are we really required to assemble together on these days? Or is staying home by ourselves or with our families okay? We'll see what יהוה commands in His word.
  • Lunar Sabbaths - Debunked in Three Verses - Could it really be that easy? One can scour the internet for hours and hours and find dozens of extremely lengthy articles that are written to debunk the Lunar Sabbath doctrine. But, does it really take a long argument to prove that Lunar Sabbaths are not scripturally possible?

 Canon Studies
  • What is the Word of יהוה? - Many studies have been done on the canon of scripture and what books should or should not be considered "inspired" or the "word of יהוה." But, most of these studies use purely circular reasoning and tradition as their basis. What does יהוה say about this and how do we apply that to the scriptures we have before us?

  • A Perversion of Biblical Faith - This is an excellent article that was first published in the Christian Courier regarding what the scriptures say about true faith. I thought it would be of great benefit to my fellow students of the scriptures in their walks with יהוה and Yeshua. The original article can be found here (as of 10/16/2012).
  • Shifting Sand: A Homily for the Brethren - This homily is meant to be an encouragement to the brethren in the assembly of Messiah Yeshua. What an awesome Elohim we have in יהוה! Why do we fear and fret knowing how awesome He is? I pray this short homily is a blessing and encouragement to all.

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